Giorgio Riso è fondatore e Amministratore Delegato di Dottor Grandine. Nella sua carriera vanta collaborazioni con aziende internazionali quali FCA-Chrysler e Vodafone. Le sue principali competenze includono il market development; la definizione di business strategies e di iniziative di marketing; la gestione di attività di vendita, di punti specializzati e dealers locali; e una vasta esperienza nella Customer Care e Customer Satisfaction. Laureato nel 1994 in Economia e Commercio presso "La Sapienza" di Roma, ha approfondito gli studi alla London School of Economics e alla Friedrich Naumann Foundation.


  • - Marketing
  • - Sales
  • - Executive level interaction


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Dottor Grandine

Amministratore delegato

dal 2013 -

A SPECIALISED COMPANY Dedicated entirely to damages on vehicles caused by Hail, specialised in cold technique car repairs. BEHIND A GREAT COMPANY, A SUCCESSFUL TEAM A management born and raised in the automotive sphere, with experience matured alongside some of the world’s most important brands both on the Italian and international markets, with consolidated skill in customer relationship management. TOGETHER WITH THE BEST SPECIALISED TECHNICIANS to create a reliable and strategic structure with integrated expertise capable of guaranteeing global assistance that goes beyond the ordinary concept of car repairs.

Giu 2008 Dic 2011
Aicon Group Global CRM director

Definition of business strategies and business development plan at internation level. World-wide implementation of sales strategies and supervising of all the market analysis activities. Determination and development of goals, after sales strategies proposals, and intervention plans Improvment of Customer Satisfaction and Customer Lifetime Value. Ensure proper and timely handling of requests from customers. Improvement in sales and increase of Value Share for each client.

Apr 2006 Giu 2008
Milano Ivrea

Garantire le iniziative di marketing one-to-one, inbound e outbound. Gestire le attività di Cross Selling e Up Selling Gestione dei Contact Centers del Nord - Ovest Italia Migliorare la Customer Satisfaction e il Customer Lifetime Value . Migliorare la vendite e aumentare lo Share of Value per singolo cliente. Migliorare la customer loyalty gestendo le attività di contatto finalizzate alla soddisfazione Gestione diretta di 350 risorse, raggiungimento dei target di Cross Selling, Up Selling e fidelizzazione.

Gen 2001 Giu 2006

Governance on 18 European branches & 8 “overseas” subsidiaries of Automotive Group Management and definition of Customer Care Budgets in Europe and Overseas Management of Call Centre sales activity Monitoring Customer Care process quality on all markets. Management of all requirements concerning customer information & complaints, activating the functions in charge. (Vouches for the customer in the Group)

Giu 2001 Dic 2002

Responsible for market development, full responsibility for Profit & Loss Account Responsible for the realisation of sales development plans and target achievement as far as volume and turnover are concerned, for National territory Management of online business sale Co-ordinated 24 resources (4 centra staff and 20 sales force) Managed budget: approx. € 9,800,000 Results: 110.000 used cars sold in 2002; 100% target + 15% versus 2001 (96.000)

Giu 1996 Dic 2001
Renault Consultant

Responsible for re-organisation Dealers of North-West Area: Realisation and implementation of promotional & local market policies, marketing plans, customer segments, price position - SWOT analysis and business plans. Improvement of Customer Satisfaction and Employer Satisfaction Optimisation of Secondary sales network, spare parts sales and Customer Satisfaction Plan and implementation of incentive scheme for the sales force Definition of initiatives to be perfomed and Business Plan completion Secondary sales network: optimisation of territorial coverage (geomarketing) and assessment of single business unit skills After Sales marketing development, for the main sales network, market analysis and new business opportunities